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Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai: Benefits, Risks, and Recovery

Breast lift and breast reduction in Dubai are two of the most popular cosmetic surgeries sought by women. A breast lift surgery is performed to give the breast a more symmetrical appearance; it makes the breast look perkier. The breast of women can become loose after childbirth or due to age. With the help of breast surgery, some extra skin…

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How Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Health

Looks often takes precedence over health benefits when considering plastic surgery. People often undergo this cosmetic procedure to enhance their natural look or to correct any irregularities caused due to birth defects or by an accident. However, they fail to recognize that plastic surgery Dubai to improve the appearance is just one aspect. Several health benefits are associated with plastic…

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Nose Surgery: Procedure & Recovery

The technical term for a nose surgery is rhinoplasty; it is a cosmetic surgery of the nose to change its symmetry or to improve its function. The reason for such a surgery can be medical such as to correct breathing problems, misshaped nose due to birth defects, trauma or for cosmetic reasons. Nose Surgery in Dubai If you are thinking…

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5 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

  Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery are increasingly becoming popular in Dubai, with thousands of women undergoing the procedure each year. A breast augmentation is a form of cosmetic surgery to increase the size, shape, and texture of a women’s breast by adding silicone implants or fat to rectify the naturally asymmetrical shape of the breast. Weight loss or…

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