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The technical term for a nose surgery is rhinoplasty; it is a cosmetic surgery of the nose to change its symmetry or to improve its function. The reason for such a surgery can be medical such as to correct breathing problems, misshaped nose due to birth defects, trauma or for cosmetic reasons.

Nose Surgery in Dubai

If you are thinking of having a nose job in Dubai, you should first consult a qualified doctor such as Dr. Luiz Toledo or others, who are highly qualified and are capable of unbiased and educated advice on the procedure. During the meeting with the doctor, talk about the reasons you want the nose surgery and how you would want your reformed nose to appear. Remember though, a perfect nose does not exist. But, surely, the doctor can enhance your facial features.

During the evaluation, the doctor will consider the structure of your nose and the surrounding region. Then, the doctor will reveal to you if your expectations can be actually achieved through a nose surgery. The doctor will also evaluate your overall health and discuss the risks, cost, and the recovery period.

There are several procedures for a nose surgery. Once, you are ready to go ahead with the surgery, the doctor will describe what they intend to do.

The procedure of Nose Surgery

This is an outpatient procedure that does not require the patient to be admitted in the hospital. A local anesthesia is used in this procedure similarity to other cosmetic surgery procedures. The general anesthesia or local anesthesia helps you to sleep through the procedure, it creates a numbing feeling on your nose and the surrounding region to help you relax and not feel the pain during the procedure.

While you are sedated, cuts will be made within your nostrils. Sometimes, the surgeon may also make cuts along the base of the nostril. During the nose surgery, the surgeon reshapes the cartilage and bone in the nose giving the nose a more symmetric shape.

Recovery after a Nose Surgery

Once the surgery is complete, the doctor will advise you to wear a nose splint during the first week of the procedure. After the surgery, your face may not look pleasing; however, you should not be worried as this is common and a difficult phase after which a beautiful face will appear. You may experience swelling and bruising around the eyes in the first week of surgery, which is common. Form the third day after the surgery, the swelling will start to subside, but it will take nearly two weeks for it to dissipate completely. The nose will also have swelling, which is known to be noticed only by the surgeon and yourself, which will also go after a 6 months period. After 6 months, the final beautiful shape of the nose will be apparent.

Strenuous activity should be avoided for three to six weeks after the surgery. After this period, you can return to your daily routine and there will not be any recognizable signs of the surgery.

Dr. Luiz Toledo is one of the most renowned doctors of nose surgery in Dubai with several decades of experience in this field. If you are planning on a nose surgery, you should take his advice.