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Millions of people undergo plastic surgery every year in an attempt to rectify the perceived flaw that Mother Nature has bestowed them. Unfortunately, we have yet to discover the fountain of youth; however, a cosmetic surgeon can help enhance your image and restore some of the youth back with a little tuck here and a little lift there. Nevertheless, you should have realistic expectations.

Here, the best aesthetic plastic surgeons tell you about their specialty.

  1. Good results are not noticeable.

The greatest fear that patients have with plastic surgery is the procedure will make them look unnatural and in many cases, it is true as cases of abnormally large breast, awkward hairline, funny eyebrows, and bubbled lips run rampant. But, an experienced cosmetic surgeon can produce results that will not change your look and yet refresh your body. Good results are not noticeable; they make you look normal and natural.

  1. Don’t ask the plastic surgeon to make you look like celebrities

People should not be looking at reality stars or celebrities for inspiration on cosmetic enhancements. Competing with them is foolish and dangerous. Most models or celebrities you see on the television have extensive makeup done; magazine girls and Instagram images of celebrities are brushed up to hide the flaws. Instead, you should have realistic goals and consult with the surgeon for options that are achievable.

  1. You will have a scar

Plastic surgery is no magic; whenever a procedure is performed it will leave behind a scar. Sure, some methods leave behind tiny scars such as liposuction and laser. Injectable leave no scar at all but procedures like breast surgery, tummy tuck, and face-lifts will leave scars. However, experienced surgeons such as Dr. Luiz Toledo are trained as plastic surgeons to minimize these scars so it blends well with the surrounding region.

  1. Avoid Botox parties

Botox parties are becoming more common these days, but plastic surgeons think it is a bad idea to mix alcohol with a cosmetic procedure. Alcohol relaxes and widens the blood vessels. What does it mean for your Botox procedure? It means that you are going to scar more than a normal Botox procedure. In addition, people are known to make all kinds of wrong decisions when under the effects of alcohol. Heavy discount on the products used in the procedure are also a sign of concern as these products might be illegally obtained and may not be approved by the drug authorization body in your country. Plastic Surgery Dubai is expanding rapidly; however, you must always seek a reputed doctor for such procedures.

  1. Be upfront about the medications you take

While opting for cosmetic surgery Dubai, inform the cosmetic surgeon about all the medications you are taking. Even the vitamins and other supplements must me mentioned to the doctor as it might cause problems during the procedure. An ideal surgeon would take time to educate you about the session, which would help you understand the risks.

With the popularity of plastic surgery all over the world, Dubai is rapidly catching us. However, numerous sham clinics provide cheap procedures that raise the red flag. An inexperienced and ill-trained surgeon can cause damage that might be very difficult to reverse. You should choose the right doctor after verifying the reputation and the experience of the surgeon or the clinic.