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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

By performing breast life the goal is to lift up hanging or sacking breast, wether it is due to a natural state, to breastfeeding, aging or weight loss. Breast lift is suitable for someone who is generally happy with their breast size but unhappy with the breasts lack of firmness, or the fact that the nipples point downwards. The objective for such a procedure is to elevate and reshape sagging breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning of the nipples. The breast lift will restore a more youthful appearance. There are cases where the breasts develop into different sizes, sometimes quite markedly different and in these instances an implant, often on one side only, is inserted together with a breast lift to increase the size and help restore the breast to its normal position.

Incisions and technique

Breast lift is performed under anesthesia or local anesthesia. Today we use three different techniques when performing breast lift. The first and most common procedure is “the inverted T”, is one incision around the nipple, one in the fold below the breast and a third vertical incision joining them. This technique will give the patient the desired lift and is normally suitable for those with a need for a relatively bigger breast lift. The second procedure is “the vertical” technique with two incisions, one around the nipple and a vertical one. The vertical technique is more suitable for women with a more limited need of a breast lift. The third procedure is called “the periareolar” and uses only and incision around the nipple. Most of the procedures today require the nipple to be moved up and this will lead to scarring around the nipple. The choice of the appropriate technique varies according to the type of breast and the desired shape. More incisions usually mean a better shape can be achieved and this will be discussed during the consultation together with your doctor.

Operating time

The operation itself normally takes 1-3 hours depending on the technique.

IN/OUT Patient

Usually performed on an outpatient basis, but can include an overnight stay depending on the patient.

Recovery Period

A return to work, if not physically strenuous, is possible in a few days and after consultation with the doctor. The scar will fade after a few months but could be up to a year in some cases. Dressings will be changed over several days immediately post operatively. You can shower between three and seven days following surgery and the stitches are removed after seven days. A support bra is worn for a month to get extra support, positioning and comfort. Driving is permitted after two weeks and exercise after two to three weeks.


All surgical incisions comes with a risk, there could be complications or effects from the narcos, infections, flushes, bleeding or pain. The breast or nipple sensation may change, usually temporarily and more often just an adjustment. To prevent these issues at Shape Medical Centre, we are very tedious with the aftercare, we are here for our patients.