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Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Similarly, to many plastic surgery procedures, nose surgery or rhinoplasty has very different indications for the different types of rhinoplasty problems or aesthetic deviations. Rhinoplasty, performed by a Plastic Surgeon with good solid training, should help correct deformities or enhance the aesthetics of the nose of the patient. The correct procedure in the right hands can reduce the size of…

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Options in Breast Surgery (Mammoplasty)

Contrary to popular belief, breast surgery is not a single procedure but a sub-branch of plastic surgery that has various different procedures under its umbrella, (breast reduction surgery, breast augmentation, mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast lift surgery, breast-conservation surgery, breast abscess, and breast biopsy). Broadly, a plastic surgeon classifies the procedures into four major categories – breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast reduction,…

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1) Plastic surgery is becoming very popular. Why? To my mind here are several main reasons. Firstly with a growing population there are more plastic surgeons in the world. For example, when I graduated as a specialist in Plastic Surgery in Brazil there was …. in my year and…. members of the Brazilian Society. Today the membership of the SBCP…

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Sought after cosmetic surgery procedures in Dubai

Cosmetic surgery are procedures that can be prescribed to enhance the natural aspects of the face and body or to help rectify any natural flaws. Cosmetic surgery techniques, correctly indicated, can improve appearances, tighten the skin, re-contour the body and rejuvenate facial features. There are many different cosmetic surgery procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons in Dubai. Here are 7 of…

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