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There is a steady increasing interest in “light” treatments, such as BOTOX injections. That the results often are seen immediately and can last up to a year is obviously a strong cause for this. Another reason is that the treatment itself goes relatively fast and you can return to your normal life immediately after treatment. Young men and women who start noticing wrinkle formation in their faces can use botox to avoid the skin to get marked by excessive wrinkling. Older patients prefer to have Botox to eliminate or smooth the wrinkles. The procedure can be done alone or together with filler injections or facelift. There are also so many different areas that you can treat with botox and that’s another of the reasons patients have expressed why these treatments have become so popular. In addition to the skin rejuvenating treatments where we treat and counteract wrinkles, botox is also offered in treatments that counteract, among other things, sweating and dental grinding.


Botox injections involve a series of small injections into the facial muscles. The solution is a chemical produced by the bacteria clostridium Botulinum. Its most common use in cosmetic medicine is to weaken the muscles that form the wrinkles. The reduced facial movement allows the skin to relax and look more rejuvenated with a gradual reduction in wrinkle formation. Depending on the skin condition, pre-existing wrinkles may fade. The procedure itself doesn’t take more than five to ten minutes and with cream anesthesia or no anesthesia on a outpatient basis.


There will be a few lumps immediately after the injection, which will disappear after 30 minutes. The effect of the application start to show usually after three to four days and it should last from four to six months, sometimes up to a year. One week after the application patients should return to the clinic for follow-up and if there is a need for touch-up it is already included in the original price.


Complications from Botox are not frequent. Bruising may occur if patients are prone to it. Eyelid drooping might occur if the patient massages the treated area on the day of the application but this can be reversed with special eye drops.