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Facial Liposculpture

Facial liposculpture

Facial liposculpture is usually suitable for men and women above the age of 30, although there are some patients in their twenties that may benefit from this procedure. The goal is to remove excess fat from the neck and jowls and to improve the deep fold from the nose to the corner of the mouth, the jawline and the cheekbones.

Incisions and technique

Usually there’s only use of needle points and no incisions, under the chin and behind the earlobes to aspirate fat from the neck and some needle points in the cheeks and marionette lines to inject fat. In some cases it could be necessary to aspirate fat from another part of the body for injection, also through a small stab incision. The procedure of liposculpture improves the neck contour and the procedure normally takes 30 to 60 minutes. It’s performed with local anesthesia or local with sedation on an outpatient basis.


Most patients can be back to work from three to five days and continue more strenuous activity after two weeks. Bruising is normally minimal, but may take two to three weeks to disappear when it happens. Sun exposure should be limited for at least a month.


There are usually no complications from liposculpture. Infection, bleeding and reactions to the anesthesia are the rare ones which could occur.


At Shape Medical Centre we have been performing rejuvenating techniques for the longest time, offering our patients an alternative to the classical facelift for facial rejuvenation. We start treating our patients at an earlier age say 35, and can also improve the face that has been “over-stretched” by the traditional facelift techniques. “Refreshing” does not give the same results as rhytidoplasty, it is a more gentle, facial recontouring procedure and complements other facial techniques. Please get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

Duration of the results

Usually two to three years.