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Breast lift surgery in Dubai is also known as mastopexy. This procedure, contoures and reshapes the breast to give it a natural symmetry and enhance its aesthetics, falllen breasts are repositioned and the firmness of the breast increased. However, as with any other surgery, there are pros and cons to mastopexy as well. In this post, we will focus on the do’s and don’ts of a breast surgery Dubai.

Pre-operation Instructions

It is essential that the patient is accompanied to the hospital or clinic by a relative or friend who can take the patient to the hospital and drive them back home. Appropriate paperwork must be completed and submitted in time before the procedure to avoid any delays.

Post-operation Instructions

After the operation, the patient should not drive any type of vehicle during the following week. The patient should also not lift heavy objects or perform any physical exercise. The plastic surgeon would issue a set of guidelines to follow after the procedure, which you should abide.


The patient should not eat any solid food eight hours prior to the surgery as it is essential that the surgery is performed in an empty stomach to avoid any complications during the procedure. After the surgery, the patient should drink a large quantity of water to avoid the risk of dehydration. Water is essential during the initial stage as after the procedure the patient may experience dizziness and tiredness. The anesthesia used during the procedure may still have its effects post the operation; therefore, the patient should not rush into daily life activity. The anesthesia will exit the body slowly after a certain period of time.


One week prior to the surgery, the patient should stop the consumption of pharmaceutical drugs and supplements such as vitamin E, aspirin, and ibuprofen. These medications can only be resumed one week after the surgery. Slight bleeding is normal after the breast surgery Dubai. The patient should bandage the operated region using the healing bandage. As per the doctor’s advice, the patient can remove the bandage after a few days from the procedure. The patient should also avoid bathing and showers until three days after the surgery.

Choose the Right Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai

There are various types of breast lift surgery. You should conduct intensive research and consult Dr. Luiz Toledo for the best option that addresses your concerns. Here are the different types of breast lift surgery.

  • Lollipop Lift
  • Donut Lift
  • Crescent Lift
  • Anchor Lift
    Life Post Surger

If you follow all the precautions prescribed by the surgeon, you can expect a normal life after the procedure. The initial week after the surgery might be bothersome, after which you can resume most of your daily routine.

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