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Forehead Lift

Forehead lift

Forehead lift is a plastic surgery that aims to stretch the foreskin when the eyebrows have fallen down, or deep frown lines due to stress, or over activity of muscles. These cases may benefit from a forehead lift. Each surgery is planned according to your particular circumstances and your specific requirements.

Incisions and technique

There’s normally incisions along the hairline and/or a bit into the scalp. The pancreas is loosened to the eyebrows, possibly partially cutting through the forehead muscles, and then the epidermis stretches and the excess skin is removed. It’s also possible to also adjust any excess skin on the upper eyelids. The operation is done in local anesthesia with sedatives or in mild anesthesia/narcosis. Each surgery is between sixty to ninety minutes long and on an outpatient basis.


It is normal with some mild discomfort which can be controlled with oral painkillers. Swelling and bruising of the forehead may happen and may involve the eyelid and cheek areas. This usually resolves in 15 days. Numbness and itching of the scalp can last for a few weeks.


Fortunately, significant complications from a forehead lift are infrequent. Some minor complications may involve hematoma (an accumulation of blood under the skin that may require removal, infections or reactions to the anesthesia. In some cases, prolonged numbness and itching may occur and minor temporary hair loss at the site of the incisions.


Recovery time varies depending on the type of surgery and incisions, but it is frequently possible to resume normal activities in just a few days. However, strenuous activity and exercising should be avoided for the first month.

Duration of the results

Several years. Sometimes permanent.