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Prominent ears, of varying severity, are not uncommon amongst new borns, and sadly the child can become the target of cruel jokes and endless teasing once they start school. This can surely have a lasting effect on the individual so the pinning back of the ears, Otoplasty or Ear Surgery we recommend be sought early on in the child’s school life.

Otoplasty or ear pinning surgery is a relatively straight forward cosmetic surgery procedure that corrects protruding or large ears. The surgery involves the removal of cartilage from behind the patient’s ear and with this removal the ears will sit closer to the head, the ears will in effect be pinned back. This surgery gives both a positive physical and emotional result to the patient.

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Otoplasty Dubai is a procedure sought after, on the whole, by parents with school age children, 7 years and older and most often scheduled during the school holidays.

Benefits of an Ear Surgery

Corrects a Wide Range of Issues

The reason a patient seeks cosmetic surgery is to enhance the aesthetics of their appearance.Reconstructive surgery of the ear can correct a range of deformities, which includes cupped ‘cauliflower’ ears, folded ears or even the absence of the external ear altogether. This is very specific reconstructive surgery and there are surgeons who specialize in treating these less common ear deformities.

A Quick and Safe Procedure

ear surgery is not a complicated surgery and can be performed under local anesthesia with analgesics prescribed for any post op pain. Children under the age of 18 years make up the majority of the patient base for this procedure and the success rate of ear surgery is one of the highest.

Ear Surgery Renews the Self-confidence of the Patient

Ear surgery, which, in some cases, includes very specific reconstructive techniques, will reshape, or “pin back” the ear and restore the symmetrical aesthetics of the face and head helping your child escape the possible years of teasing by his class mates.

Dr. Luiz Toledo has performed many Otoplasty surgeries over his more that 34 years in practice, helping change the lives of many of his younger patients. He provides the best ear surgery in Dubai at an affordable rate. Consult the doctor to know the right options for you or your child.

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