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Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is most often prescribed to subtly change the size or shape of the nose to further enhance the aesthetics of the face, however this is not always the case. In some instances nose surgery is prescribed to help resolve breathing difficulties due to either a birth defect or facial injury. In cases with a deviated septum the surgeon opens the nasal passage, which will enable the patient to breathe more easily. A rhinoplasty procedure has several practical benefits for a patient.

Benefits of Nose Surgery

Improving the shape and size of a nose. The delicate balance needed in Rhinoplasty

Living in an incredibly diverse community and with a patient base of over 140 different nationalities the aesthetic surgeon needs to be aware of the concepts of beauty of each.The shape and size of the nose, especially amongst the Arab population, is a very strong trait of shared ancestry and it is important to respect this fact above all. Most often I find, amongst this population, the strong shape is to be preserved while making the nose smaller and more harmonious with the shape and size of the face.Delicate Rhinoplasty

Computer imaging in the Rhinoplasty consultation

A Rhinoplasty consultation is one of the more challenging consultations with many spoken nuances and subtleties and very few visuals. For this reason I have been using the Mirror Image computer program in my consultations for the past 20 plus years. With this program I can show the patient the limits of her specific surgery and the projected outcome. This means that when we go into surgery the patient and the surgeon have approved the shape and size of the new nose.

Breathing Relief

The most common problem observed in patients with a breathing difficulty is a deviated septum resulting in a nasal passage that is too narrow. In more severe cases the nasal passage may be blocked completely. Often breathing difficulties can be the result of too many surgeries,secondary rhinoplasties are always a challenge, remember that the nasal structure is a delicate organ.

The Broken Nose

The nose being the most prominent feature of the face will be more prone to injury. In the case of mild trauma the nose will heal itself and return to its natural shape. However, some accidents or sports injuries can result in broken nasal bones, and in these cases the nose will lose its shape and corrective rhinoplasty surgery will be required.

Dr. Luiz Toledo is a sought after plastic surgeon in Dubai renowned for his rhinoplasty skills Dubai. If you are thinking about the possibilities available to refine or redefine your nose why not book a consultation with Dr Toledo, he will review your case and provide suggestions on nose surgery in Dubai.

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