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When it comes to aesthetic surgery, there has always been some confusion and misunderstanding, with social media fueling the fire even further these days. No one wants the results of a botched operation when the end result was to enhance the natural beauty.

Selecting the right surgeon for the procedure is of paramount importance and the search for this surgeon is one of the primary aspects that troubles many people. The fact that a GP can use the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ means the search for and the verifications of credentials and qualifications is even more vital. Some patients have little idea about what to look for and how to identify the right doctor for the job. Hence, in this blog, we will help you select the right doctor and share tips on hoiw to find him or her. to avoid botched cosmetic surgery Dubai. Don’t wants this line in Tanzeem

  1. Talk to the performing surgeon and check qualifications

 Make sure that the surgeon is certified with the Plastic Surgery Board of his home country. This is VERY important. As a board member you have the privilege to call yourself a Plastic Surgeon. There are doctors who call themselves Plastic Surgeons and yet they are not members of their home Board, be aware that other medical practitioners cannot use this title. This, along with other memberships and qualifications will be listed on the surgeon’s website. Check that the doctor in Dubai holds the title of Specialist Plastic Surgeon, or one step above that, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, this means that the doctor has passed the required exams in Dubai to practice as a Plastic Surgeon here. Check his reputation and remember personal recommendations are a good starting point.

Ensure that your qualified surgeon will be the one operating throughout the entire process. By law, a physician with a current medical license, such as a GP, gynecologist, vein doctor, dermatologist, etc, can perform cosmetic procedures with no experience. Make sure that the surgeon is working together with a certified anesthesiologist and that all blood work and necessary exams have been undertaken and checked pre surgery. Always check on the medical facility where your surgery will be performed.

  1. Research details of the procedure

 Aesthetic surgery changes the appearance of the face or body, and usually this is permanent. Hence, before you undergo the surgery make sure you and the surgeon know what you want and hope to gain.

  1. Does it for the right reasons?

 These types of surgeries are not something you undergo because a friend, relative, or celebrity did it and looked great. The reasons one might opt for an aesthetic procedure might be, small fat pockets that diet and exercise won’t move, breast reduction surgery because the weight of a heavy chest is causing back problems, a face lift because you no longer look as young as you feel. There are many reasons; the reason though, must be because it’s for you, not someone else

  1. Have Realistic Goals

 Do not ask the doctor to make you look like Angelina Jolie, for example. Do not aspire to look like your favorite celebrity; a skilled Plastic Surgeon does not change the features of the face but enhances its natural and unique beauty subtly.

  1. Prepare Questions for the Surgeon

 When you visit a surgeon, it is expected that you will ask questions about the experience, and skillfulness of the surgeon. If the surgeon seems irritated or nervous answering the questions, then that person might not the right person for the job. Have some questions ready, such as how many times has the surgeon performed the procedure, where will the surgery take place, and who will be assisting them during the process.

  1. Get Recommendations

 Recommendations from friends, family, or a Facebook group is great. They can help you find the right surgeon without all the hassle. You can even judge the performance of the surgeon based on the final results of your friends and decide if they are the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

Dr. Luiz Toledo is an internationally recognized Plastic Surgeon Dubai. He has decades of experience and is an innovator of surgical rejuvenation techniques. Seek his consultation for the best advice.